Saturday, January 9, 2010

Star Trek 2 Set for June 29th, 2012

Multiple online sources are reporting that Paramount has tentatively scheduled Star Trek II for release on June 29th, 2012. The date is subject to change but it appears the studio is hoping to build on the success of the first movie and lock down the July 4th weekend for themselves. The information comes from TrekMovie, Box Office Mojo and

Paramount's initial goal was to aim for a summer 2011 release date but Star Trek's writing team of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof indicated months ago that the date seemed unlikely as they and Director JJ Abrams all have other projects (Cowboys & Aliens, Fringe, Mission Impossible IV and more) they are working on for the next year making it difficult to get a script together and start production in time to meet that date. By setting a date, it gives the team plenty of time to clear their schedules to make time to work on the script and increases the odds of JJ Abrams signing on to direct, something he has been reluctant to commit too due to the scheduling issues.

Even better, the summer 2012 schedule is pretty empty as other studios have not yet announced their intentions as they usually they wait till the year before to commit to a schedule so by doing this Paramount may avoid any schedule musical chairs for that period as the other studios are going to be reluctant to have their big budget blockbuster compete against Star Trek and risk losing the weekend and thus any momentum to become profitable for that film. This in turn increases Star Trek's chances of success and a continuation of the franchise.

Any case at least now fans have a schedule to circle in the calendar, I just recommend doing it in pencil as the date could change for plenty of circumstances could arise over the next two and a half years necessitating a change.

Update: According to Variety, Paramount has now officially confirmed the intended release date.

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  1. June 29, 2012? This is good, but it changes everything. Last I heard, it was going to be December 2010, because of the tradition of putting out a new Star Trek Movie in December, each time one is made. But I can see how, it might be too hard to do that, this time. I liked the previous one, even though it was disappointing in some ways. And I hope the next one is better. But one thing is puzzling- the numbering. everyone is thinking of the previous one as Star Trek 12 and the next one as 13. But you're calling the next one, Star Trek 2.