Sunday, January 3, 2010

Star Trek Online Early Levels Preview has posted a report on the early levels of the upcoming MMORPG Star Trek Online to give an idea what to expect to get going into it (and before can get to the Klingon content). The full article is here, highlights below.

- Character creation has lots of options including android, ear shapes, and more.
- Opening movie and character control involves you as an ensign with ship under attack by the Borg. During the course of a ship rescue, get field promotion to Captain and join the fleet in the fight.
- Zachary Quito's EMH guides rookies through with tips and tricks.
- After fight get to customize your new Miranda class ship including nacelles, strut, saucer and more while retaining the Star Trek look.
- After this, the vastness of space is available to explore including Romulan and Klingon territories (but not advised at an early level).
- Story driven missions given out by non-playable characters (NPC), mostly admirals on space stations and planets that often include multiple objectives. Some involve killing, others involve diplomatic only solutions (so no killing).
- Fleet action missions involve "big battles between huge forces" that can be assigned or encountered while exploring and often involve ground combat.

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