Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stewart, Shatner Talk Abrams and More

photo by Simon LemonkeyLast weekend, an official Star Trek Convention was held in San Francisco that included a panel with William Shatner and Sir Patrick Stewart. Information wise nothing was revealed, except Shatner has not seen the film but a determined JJ Abrams has set up a screening just for him on the Paramount lot in a few weeks.

The full report can be found here at The highlights mostly include Stewart's joke about rebooting the Next Generation era with a 10 year Riker, Data as R2-D2 and Troi being played by Lady Gaga. Shatner asked for a good word to be put in with the Queen by the newly knighted Stewart for his own knighthood. Shatner, not being an English citizen, will probably remain disappointed.

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