Wednesday, February 3, 2010

STO Trailer, Update, Player Log and New Races

The first full day of the official release of Star Trek Online is done and already the game is doing extremely well with at least 1 million "accounts" according to a press release from Avatar. In addition a new trailer that shows ground combat has been released and two new classes have been added.

One Million Cryptic Accounts Created
Cryptic has issue a press release about the official launch of Star Trek Online with the note "Already, over 1 million Star Trek fans have created accounts at the official websites." Exactly how many of those accounts translate into paying players is unknown. The game is also number with Amazon for Video Games.

Federation Ferengi and Klingons Added
For the price of 240 (Klingon) and 80 (Ferengi) Cryptic Points you can add these playable species to your crew. I am not entirely sure what attributes they bring to your team but already they have ignited what is the first of many controversies the game players will be able to debate. I think Cryptic Points are a lot like points on PSN, XBox and other micro transaction systems where you trade cash for these online values but I am unsure what the trade ratio currently is.

Ground Combat Trailer
New trailer shows off some of the planetside game play elements with your away team and the various environments and enemies you may encounter.

STO Player's Log
If you’re sitting on the fence about getting this game and joining the STO world, Kotaku has posted a fairly detailed player's log that started last Friday with the "Head Start" program to Tuesday for their first half week of game play.


  1. No doubt it will "rock" in internet. If somebody play the game once he will become a fan of it. I have spent many valuable hour playing the game. :)

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  3. STAR TREK VI THE UNDISCOVRED COUNTRY the space battle was spectacular

  4. I haven't played the game yet, but a few friends heve. They really like it. As soon as I get a minute I'll check it out. I used to play Wow, could never catch up to level of my friends. They have way to much time. lol.