Monday, May 24, 2010

Shatner Reflect on Career, Star Trek

William Shatner's career continues to go strong with a pickup for a new comedy series on CBS called @$@% My Dad Says. He sat down with Hero Complex to discuss his long and legendary career career and reflect some decisions he made. Below are portions as he talks about Star Trek, the full interview can be found here.
GB: There will be another "Star Trek" film coming from J.J. Abrams and his team, and I'm wondering what you thought of the first. For me, I loved the spirit of the movie...
WS: I agree with you. That's my opinion too. It was a wonderful ride. I think J.J. Abrams did a wonderful job in enlarging the franchise and constructing a foundation for the sequel. I don't know anything about that sequel. I didn't know anything about the first one. I know even less about the second one. I know less than nothing about the sequel, if that's possible.

GB: If you look back on "Star Trek" with the television shows, the animated series, the feature films, the conventions, the novels -- you guys have been multi-platform in a very interesting way for four decades now.
WS: Across the platforms, you have a unity, which is acting truth -- storytelling. The technological means by which you tell that story change, but if you can follow that, then you can stay abreast of what's happening.

GB: You've been coming to these conventions for years, and though so much has changed in your own life, I imagine the conversations and contacts you have in these settings don't change much.
WS: You're exactly right. They've come here to say hello to me and for me to say hello to them. It's fan communication. It's Twitter in person.

GB: Well, as James T. Kirk you were no stranger to close calls. You practically invented them.
WS: Hah! The way I look at it, my whole career has been a close call.

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