Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abrams: Six Months Behind Schedule, Writers Talk Sequel

For the first time, J.J. Abrams admitted that Star Trek 2 might just have a scheduling problem. While making the rounds to promote Super 8, he stopped by the Howard Stern Show on June 14th (for probably the last time) as they drilled him on Star Trek and his various projects. The questions were more direct than Abrams was use to leading to a probably unintended admission that "We are probably six months behind." A few more details from the interview can be found here.

In an interview with MTV, Abrams again addressed the issue of getting Star Trek 2 out but by that point he was back to saying it was doable but was focused on putting out a great movie. He also has not made a decision on directing, making the reasonable argument "[I] want to make sure I know what I am being asked to direct before I do it."

While the window is closing, hitting the June 29th, 2012 release date is going to become more difficult. Really though I have heard little from Abrams I disagree with. Given the option of a sequel next summer that is so-so or an excellent movie say around Christmas, I would take the latter choice. Having to wait another two years for a sequel is the option I think fills most fans with dread.

On a related note, the writers of Star Trek 12 attended the LA Times Hero Complex Film Fest and spoke about their work on writing the movie. It seems the script is not completed. Damon Lindelof said "there is kind of a 75 or 80 page half script/half...I don't know what it is..." On how much time has passed since the first movie, Roberto Orci suggested " they have been through a couple of adventures, but they don't know each other either." Lindelof also suggested the destruction of Vulcan would continue to have implications in the new Star Trek universe, calling it their "9/11 moment."

Lindelof also confirmed what I have said for a while now which is, "we want to blaze our own trail here. ...You don't want to see a remake, you want to see a new movie." This isn't to say that they wouldn't use things from Star Trek Prime as Orci said he rewatched all the TOS episodes and read up on the Star Trek books he had missed. (via TrekMovie)

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