Thursday, July 21, 2011

William Shatner Talks The Captains

In a two part interview with, William Shatner discusses his upcoming documentary "The Captains" with a brief segway into the death of Kirk. Hit the links for the full interview.
Part I | Part II

If you had a do-over on Star Trek: Generations, would you still agree to let Kirk die? Or, if you were OK with him dying, would you have at least wanted a more fitting death for the iconic character?

Shatner: I would be much more courageous about suggesting, or demanding would be a better word, a more regal exit for this hero. For reasons I can’t fathom in myself, I allowed him to have an ignominious end. I’m not quite sure what the political reasons were for that, but I wasn’t aware (of the implications) on a broader level until afterwards.

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