Sunday, August 7, 2011

Star Trek & Lucille Ball

Saturday was the 100th birthday of legendary comedienne and actress Lucille Ball. Unknown to most Trek fans is that she and her studio Desliu Productions was key to Star Trek ever making it to the air. In an article from, they get into this secret history thanks to Trek Producer Bob Justman. In short, in 1965 she had the willingness to make the series, putting up around $40,000 per episode ($275,000 today), something that was still rare in the emerging TV studio system that was just starting then. The series went to air 1966 to lackluster ratings. In ’67 Ball sold the studio to Gulf+Western the then parent company of Paramount Pictures which is why we all think of Trek as a Paramount property even though it didn't start that way. The show was cancelled after its third season but as we all know that was really just the beginning of one of the most venerated fiction in history. All in part thanks to Lucille Ball. Happy 100th.

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