Thursday, June 7, 2012

Damon Lindelof Q&A

Damon Lindelof, as part of promoting this Friday's release of Prometheus, spoke with TrekMovie about the Star Trek sequel that recently wrapped principle photography. While he avoided revealing any spoilers, he did discuss their motivations for the secrets and some of the production of the film. Highlights below, the full interview is here and here.

- Desire to not even confirm character roles are in part because film is still a year out and "we don't want to flood the interwebs with confirmations. We want to leave some air of mystery and intrigue surrounding the movie."
- Recognizes details will come out starting with teaser trailer but hoping for "a kind of slow burn"
- On showing something at next month's San Diego Comic-con: "we are going to go big or not at all" and that is unknown yet because production just wrapped so post-production (special effects, sound, editing, etc.) still a long ways to go.
- On set re-writes occurred based on feedback from actor's, director, etc. but no set pieces were altered. More of tweaking of lines and modifications to a particular scene.
- Would not say how much story time has passed between two movies. (My guess: A year or so to indicate this is a veteran bridge crew not noobs still figuring each other out like in first film)
- Can't say film is "bigger" as rather focus on the human aspect of Trek but shooting in IMAX (70mm) does give it "tremendous scale and energy"
- Converting film to 3D did not impact the script and Abrams shot the movie his way
- Open to writing a third Trek movie but just focused on the second film

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