Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Damon Lindelof on Writing Into Darkness

In a new interview with Collider, co-writer of Star Trek Into Darkness Damon Lindelof talked about writing the script for the movie, their approach to the sequel, impact of Vulcan's destruction and more. Below are a few highlights but the interview (with long answers for once) can be found here. No spoilers but still interesting to read about a writer's approach to the movie.

- The Enterprise set was more immersive since most of the sets were connected together for longer shots.
- Script writers on set for at least first month so could make script tweaks as ideas came up during filming.
- In spectrum of Trek knowledge the writers order seems to be Roberto Orci (expert including novels), Lindelof (mostly TOS, Next Gen), Kurtzman (some of all, mostly Next Gen) JJ Abrams (mostly TOS) and Brian Burke (no knowledge). Used the spectrum to test ideas and make sure the movie was approachable fo new and old Trek fans.
- While Paramount did approve the script, provide notes, etc. for the sequel, they did not have any demands on what the writers had to incorporate into the script.
- Most Trek reference "easter eggs" written into the script but a few added as opportunities came up during filming
- Also reiterated that Kirk's birth is the split in time-line between the Star Trek Prime (last 35 years) and the 2.0 (last five) universes so anything before that point remains canon for both (so basically the events in Enterprise TV series and few vague references in the other TV shows).
- Would not comment if any redshirt deaths but fully aware of the expectation (compared to Q showing up with gadgets in Bond movies) so discussions were made about it.
- There is humor in the movies but use chosen carefully depending on scene.
- Casting choices did influence script, kind of like tailoring a suit. Same suit, same actions, same plot point and character but tweaks made to fit the role better to the actor.
- In Trek Prime, the crew already trust Kirk completely and would die for him. Star Trek Into Darkness is "a phase that preceded that."
- About six months have passed from end of the first movie to the Nibiru (red planet) mission that opens the sequel.
- The destruction of Vulcan is the 9/11 of Trek 2.0 in sense that it does have to be part of the fabric of events being depicted whether at a character level with Spock, politics of the galaxy and so forth. "How directly this movie relates to the destruction of Vulcan is not anything that we’re willing to talk about."


  1. Damon is an incredible writer and Abrams has such a unique approach to film-making. It should be awesome.