Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Drops to 3rd

In its second weekend of release, Star Trek Into Darkness fell out of the top spot to number three behind new releases Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover Part 3. The drop isn't surprising and actually pretty small relatively speaking with only a 32.7% drop vs the more average drop of 50% or more. The result was a weekend US gross of $47.2 million for a US total of $156M. On the international side, the movie crossed the $100M putting it within striking distance of the first film's $127M international total. Its still to early to see where the final numbers will land but with a worldwide total of $258.1M after around 3 weeks of release, it looks like it might successfully pass the $385M total of the first film and possibly become the first Trek film to cross the $500 million threshold. That climb will be tough as the competition only gets harders with upcoming releases of Man of Steel, After Earth and Monsters University.

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  1. They should call it "Star Tears" or "Cry Trek". Everyone has a crying scene - Kirk cries when his mentor dies, Spock cries when Kirk dies, Uguru cries when she thinks Spock is about to die. Even Kahn cries for his people. The only ones who didn't cry was McCoy, he was just pissed off all the time that he's stuck with that child Captain Kirk, and Scotty who resigned over ethical issues. The only descent actor in the whole film was Simon Peg. And Sulu came off like Data, more automaton than human.

    If all they're going to do is make alternative versions of the ST films by Roddenberry then why bother. Without Spock dying and buried on Genesis how will they go back in time and save the whales?

    Ok, it was a shoot'em up film. It was action oriented, not story. But when Spock yelled out "Kahn!", phew, talk about pitting square pegs into Vulcan holes.

    Like George Takei said in Futurama, "way to kill the franchise, Bakula", I say it to JJ Abrahms "way to perform necrophilia on it".