Monday, December 23, 2013

IDW March 2014 Star Trek Comics

IDW Publishing has released their publishing plans for March 2014. The main new thing is IDW has started to collect Gold Key's Star Trek comics who was the very first publishers to get the license. The run ran from 1967-1978 but for whatever reasons only had 61 issues. For a while Devil's Due had the same issues available online for 99 cents each so this set is really designed for the die hard collector. For the full details of IDW's other books including GI Joe, TMNT, Transformers, and more click here.

Star Trek: Gold Key Archives, Vol. 1
Arnold Drake, George Kashdan (w) • Nevio Zaccara, Alberto Giolitti, Giovanni Ticci (a) • Michael Stribling (c)
Presenting the first comic book adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew! Fully re-mastered and with a new throwback cover, Star Trek Gold Key Archives, Vol. 1 collects issues #1–6.
HC • FC • $29.99 • 168 pages • ISBN: 978-1-61377-922-4

Star Trek #31
Mike Johnson (w) • Erfan Fajar (a) • Gerry Gastonny (c)
Part 1 of an epic all-new 2-part adventure set within the continuity of the blockbuster STAR TREK films! Captain Kirk and the crew have never faced a threat like the one they face now: their own ship! Don't miss the first chapter of "I, Enterprise", overseen by STAR TREK writer-producer Roberto Orci!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek, Vol. 7
Mike Johnson (w) • Erfan Fajar (a & c)
War breaks out across the stars as the Klingon and Romulan Empires fight for supremacy, with the Enterprise caught in the middle! Don't miss this epic all-new story set after the events of the blockbuster movie STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN: 978-1-61377-882-1
• Collects issues #25–28 of the ongoing series.

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