Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 100 Star Trek Episodes of All Time has created their list of top 100 episodes of Star Trek. The list is all eras of the Trek TV series with Voyager getting a surprising showing in the list. Personally Deep Space Nine remains my favorite Trek of all time not so much because of the characters but because it was willing to stretch the boundaries of the Trek and work in the moral gray areas that the other shows mostly avoided. Below is their top 10, click here to review the entire list.

io9 Top 10
10) Mirror, Mirror (TOS)
9) All Good Things (TNG)
8) The Inner Light (TNG)
7) In The Pale Moonlight (DS9)
6) The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
5) Darmok (TNG)
4) The Visitor (DS9)
3) City on the Edge of Forever (TOS)
2) The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
1) Balance of Terror (TOS)

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  1. #3 City on the Edge of Forever, is TOS not TNG....