Friday, May 20, 2016

Justin Lin Comments on Crew Focus, Fan Reception of First Trailer

In a new profile piece from Wired that looks at Justin Lin's career in Hollywood (an interesting read), the Star Trek Beyond director spoke about joining the rescue mission of the movie which was in disarray after something happened that has basically blacklisted then writer and director of Star Trek 3 Roberto Orci from all thinks Trek. He spoke about the film's focus on Enterprise crew and how he felt when fans attacked the first trailer (2nd one is an improvement).
Lin tells me about his Trek pitch. Instead of recycling old enemies (as in the controversial yet wildly successful Star Trek Into Darkness), he wanted to take away every familiar comfort of Starfleet, the bridge, and the recent films to “make the characters as raw as possible,” Lin says, “and build them back up.” He wanted to refocus the franchise on how the crew would react as underdogs, in an unfamiliar world, facing unknown enemies.

This is why Lin was hurt when some fans—including the original Sulu, George Takei, who voice-acted on Lin’s Bruce Lee mockumentary, Finishing the Game—bashed the 30-second Star Trek Beyond teaser that leaked a year ago. Some complained it looked like Fast & Furious in Space because Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk jumps a motorcycle (even though Pine also rode a motorcycle in Abrams’ 2009 reboot trailer). “George has always handled things with class,” Lin says. “He was a huge part of my life, so for him to swing a sucker punch, that hurt.” He expected snark. He just didn’t expect it to sting. “On Fast, I wasn’t a car guy,” Lin says. “I guess it hurt more because this is something that is a part of me.”

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