Saturday, October 1, 2016

Axanar Lawsuit Continues With Document Requests

The Axanar lawsuit continues as Paramount and CBS attempts to block their access to documentation from JJ Abrams and Justin Lin. The request is due to their vocal support of ending the lawsuit (not to be confused with support for Axanar). For some reasons the Axanar attorneys think this will help them prevail in ending the lawsuit while Paramount disagrees. As do I since Paramount and CBS own Star Trek, in the legal context Abrams and Lin are contractors on the franchise and ultimately have legal standing on how the studios handle the franchise.

This whole thing has become such a mess that Paramount and CBS has released very strict guidelines that have effectively ended Star Trek fan projects of any size beyond paper mache and filming in the back yard. The Axanar attorney are taking things so far as to even demand Lucasfilm and Disney release their documentation on fan films which could eventually lead to an across the board lock down on fan projects if it looks like Axanar has a chance of winning in court.

However, the document requests scream of desperation. I frankly don't see how they think they have a legal leg to stand on. The attorney's are making money, the Axanar owners made money thanks to their personally owned studio built for the project (and rented out for other filming purposes) but ultimately I do not see how CBS and Paramount could lose and the fans have already lost. The whole thing has reached farce level thanks pretty much exclusive to the producers and attorneys of Axanar.

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