Friday, February 10, 2017

Deep Space Nine Documentary Crowdfunding Campaign Begins

A new Indiegogo campaign has launched to fund the Star Trek documentary called "What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". The documentary is a 25th anniversary look back at the series as the cast discuss the series and the writers break out a hypothetical 8th season. The core cast is participating except for Avery Brooks. Do not read to much into that as that actor essentially retired after DS9 and has only made very rare appearances in Star Trek related events.

I have to admit to be highly interested as I did watch the series from its 1993 premiere (still have the pin commemorating its start) to its final episode "What You Leave Behind" and read almost all the books published since then. To me DS9 is the current pinnacle of Star Trek potential (well starting around mid season 3 when everyone started to gel and by end of season 4 were firing on all thrusters) and what I will be comparing Discovery against, be it fair or not. Considering the passage of time, I hope to age as well as the cast has. Especially Chase Masterson who was basically wasted on the show but "wow!" about summarizes what I though when saw her in video below and did a quick search for her.

Sadly the The Next Generation blu-ray sets didn't sell in sufficient quantities to warrant a follow-up with a hi-def version of DS9 so this is probably going to be the last new DS9 thing that get made with the cast and crew. The campaign has already achieved its goal of $150,000 but more money means better production, more interviews and hopefully a better documentary so it you interested in donating, head over to Indiegogo to donate.

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