Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Captain Pike Cast for Star Trek Discovery

The end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery revealed an updated look for the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. It has now been revealed that the actor chosen to take over the role Anson Mount (Black Bolt in The Inhumans). The character has shown up before in Star Trek. The official "first" time is for The Menagerie that retooled footage from the unaired pilot "The Cage" when Jeffrey Hunter was going to be the lead of the series. In the recent movies set in the Kelvinverse, Bruce Greenwood also played the role before being killed off in the second movie. During this time Spoke was a science officer on the Enterprise but I suspect Original Series bridge crew member will always remain off screen and never re-cast. There is currently no information on when the 13 episode second season will air but likely not until at least this winter be it late 2018 or 2019.

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