Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Man at Arms Forges The Sword of Kahless

Below is a great video where the Man at Arms: Reforged team craft the "The Sword of Kahless" that first appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is is considered the first Klingon bat'leth ever made. The typical bat'leth (one was also crafted by the team) is the primary weapon of an honorable Klingon warrior, often wielded by Wolf in Star Trek: DS9 and TNG episodes. Even better, TrekMovie.com reports that bat'leth creator Dan Curry gave it his seal of approval saying "As the inventor of the Sword of Kahless, the Bat”Leth, and Mek’Leth it was an honor to see this forged by such excellent craftsmen who appreciate the design – fascinating to watch."

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