Friday, May 1, 2009

Sneak Peak at Burger King's Star Trek Promotion

Starting this Sunday night, Burger King will launch its Star Trek promotion tie in with a new commercial that introduces the Kingons that are half Klingons and half BK King. The result is an interesting mix as the pictures from the Hollywood Premiere last night shows. The new commercial will have the Kingons teleport (using new effects from the movie) into a living room of a couple to take their Burger King cups with a humorous ending. Click images for larger size.

As part of the promotion, Burger King is offering 4 Star Trek glasses that will be $1.99 each with purchase of a BK Value Meal and for the kid's meal they have a collection of 16 different toys (8 characters, 8 vehicles) that each play a sound when the button is pressed. For example, the Spock Prime figures says "Live long and prosper", the Enterprise makes the warp sound, and McCoy says "I am a doctor, not a physicist!"

Burger King was kind enough to send me a promotional kit to showcase their new items that will be available in the restaurants starting May 4th. Below are a few pictures of the kit, the glasses and the toys. Sorry for the quality but lighting in the room wasn't the best. I really like the look and design of the glasses with the see through Starfleet logo that shows off the image in the back of the glass. The toys too are cool using lines and sounds directly from the movie.
Shipping boxFront of the four glasses: Spock, Nero, Kirk, UhuraAll 16 toysBack of Spock glass and its boxBack of Nero's glass and box, ship is the NaradaBack of Kirk's glass and box, ship is the EnterpriseBack of Uhura's glass and box, ship is the KelvinExample toys: Spock Prime, Kirk, Spock, McCoyExample of toys: Kirk's cycle, Kelvin, Enterprise, Shuttlecraft


  1. Thanks to the great guys at WAPE, 95.1 FM in jacksonville for allowing me to see the new Star Trek movie at AMC 24 at Regency on Saturday, (May 2nd). The movie was very good. Good acting, good action, good writing. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9.


  2. Those are cool. I like the crazy proportions of the little ships. There seems to be a problem with inaccuracies though. The glasses show the nacelle domes glowing red-orange, while everything else i've seen has them blue. What's the story?