Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shipyard Sketches, Concert, and Orci Talks Shatner

John Eaves' Riverside Shipyards from Star Trek
Found by Trekmovie, John Eaves has posted on his blog his artwork he created as part of the design team for Star Trek. His inspiration was based off of images of the the Navy's San Francisco Shipyards in Alameda. Click the link above for more sketches, old shipyards photos used for comparison and a photoshopped Enterprise-E to help with scale.

Houston Symphony's Star Trek Concert
The Houston Symphony is going to have a concert on July 9th at 7:30 that "will explore the music of Star Trek films and television series as well as other sci-fi classic." The concert will include themes all not just the Original Series but TNG and others and will include music from the current film. There are also two contests to help promote the event. For full details click the link above.

Roberto Orci Talks Shatner Scene
While at William Shatner's Charity Horse Show dinner a little over a month ago, Star Trek writer Roberto Orci talked very briefly about a scene he and his partner Alex Kurtzman wrote that would allow Kirk Prime to return, even if only for a cameo and enjoyment of Star Trek.

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