Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Is Mudd? A Sequel Update

Apparently a rumor started making the rounds that JJ Abrams was meeting to Jack Black to play the role of Harry Mudd in the sequel. Mudd is a really annoying character that appeared in two episodes of the original series that essentially a space traveling car salesmen. The episodes were not exactly the height of the series potential. AICN contacted Abrams to find out if there was any validity to the rumor and as part of his he answer he provided an update on the sequel status.
Yes, talking to Jack Black about doing something -- but not Mudd.

Bryan, Damon, Alex and Bob and I have not had MEETING ONE about a sequel.

Brief, casual, blue-sky conversations, of course. But "okay, what's next for The Crew?" Not a meeting. So any character decisions, let alone actor discussions, feel like a ways away.

I can tell you one thing. For the sequel? I think we should have a shitload more lens flares.

Hope your summer is going well -- DYING to see The Hangover.

Talk soon, Sir!

So Black as Mudd is a big negative. Does that mean Black is going to be in the sequel? Keep in mind that Abrams has a lot of irons in the fire with about 5 projects at least that I am aware of not including television shows so the meetings with Black could be for anything really that has nothing to do with Star Trek. As for the status, there is none. More than likely everyone is simply decompressing from all the traveling promoting the film and I am betting that a Trek sequel is the last thing on their minds right now beyond considering how they are going to spend the checks they are getting for the film's success.

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