Monday, March 22, 2010

Abrams' Spock, Uhura Kiss on Simpsons

Last night's The Simpson's had an unexpected nod to JJ Abrams' Star Trek by creating the transporter room turbolift kiss between Spock and Uhura from the recent film. Of course it was done Simpson style but a pretty solid recreation. The brief sequence was part of a montage of famous movie kises (most I don't recognize) as Bart experienced his first real kiss from a girl. The clip below is from Hulu, so not available to anyone outside the US.

TrekMovie also has another Simpson's clip from their fourth season involving The Shat (Happy 79th Birthday) and others for "Star Trek XII"; ironic considering what is coming in two years.


  1. Just so you know, it's not the transporter scene, it's the turbolift scene. And you should brush up on your pop culture if you didn't recognize most of those kisses. . .

  2. Correction, actually, the kiss was in the transporter room, therefore it *is* the transporter room scene (transport meaning to beam and Kirk and Spock were going to beam over to the other ship). The word "turbolift" is used to describe what we would call an "elevator" in the Star Trek world...