Friday, April 16, 2010

Star Trek Live Show Details has scored more details on the Star Trek Live stage show that will debut at the Kennedy Space Center on June 11, 2010. The show is being produced by Mad Science Productions as an all ages 30 minute program that attempts to teach science using the Star Trek Universe as a starting point. The show will also have a traveling version that will also kick off in June that will visit cities around the country. TrekMovie describes the story:
Star Trek Live takes place in present day, with the premise of it being the first class for a new ‘Starfleet Academy,’ with the audience being the cadets. The class is being briefed by a Commander. During the show a time-traveling Vulcan from the "Temporal Time Police" will be introduced, who has come back to stop a time-travelling Romulan from nabbing a member of this first Starfleet class, and changing the course of history. Apparently one member of your class is very important and by removing this person (called "The Core"), the Romulans will dominate the Federation in the future. The Starfleet Academy commander and the Vulcan time-traveler will appear on stage, while the Romulan (who is in orbit in a ship) and other characters appear in pre-taped segments. Members of the audience are also brought up on stage to get involved in the show.
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