Thursday, April 15, 2010

Collins Urging for Return in Star Trek Sequel

Clifton Collins Jr. has expressed a strong interest in returning to Star Trek for its 2012 sequel to Ace ShowBiz.
"Yes, absolutely 100%," he said when asked if it is possible that his character or his Romulan leader, Nero, will be seen in the follow-up to "Star Trek". Urging producer J.J. Abrams to use him again for the sequel, he told ASB, "Now please go and tell JJ!"

"He actually called me at home and pitched the character to me," he shared, recalling the moment when he was asked to join the cast of the Box Office flick, before adding "it was truly an incredible experience working with JJ and his entire team. So much love on set for working such long hours."
Only problem is his character, Ayel the loyal first officer to Nero, died in the movie when the Narida was destroyed by the Enterprise. I would say it is a very safe bet that the sequel will not have a return of his character and I suspect (without any evidence) that the Klingons will be the villains in the sequel rather than Romulans.

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