Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lindelof: Star Trek 12 Script Being Reworked

Star Trek sequel writer Damon Lindelof spoke briefly with MTV and reports on the "progress" of the script for Star Trek 12 in the video below. In short, now that JJ Abrams has had time to give it his full attention, the result is a near return to the drawing board to improve the movie.
“There was a lot of work going on over the course of the last year between Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] and I,” he said. “We generated, like, a ninety-page half-script half-treatment based on some meetings that we’ve had with J.J [Abrams]. Now that J.J. is finally finished with ‘Super 8' we’ve kind of, not thrown out that material, but we’re reworking a lot of it.”
Even if Abrams had signed off on the script as is, I just don't how the movie has a snowballs chance of making it to theatres next summer.

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