Thursday, July 28, 2011

G.I. Joe Takes Trek's Slot?

A new article from Deadline re-iterates what has previously been reported with Paramount probably moving G.I. Joe: Retaliation to Star Trek 2's June 29th, 2012 slot and that JJ Abrams are close to signing on to direct the film. The news of a delay is no surprise at this point considering that there is still now shooting script (or even a first draft that I am aware of). As for Abrams signing on, it was always a condition on the quality of the script. Considering the delay is partly due to waiting on him to finish his Super 8 obligations, I find it hard to believe he will not be pleased with the script considering he is a de-facto co-writer on it. Paramount is ready to go, having "exercised its option on the cast" for the sequel which basically means moving ahead with negotiations to determine how much it will cost to get the cast to reprise their roles. Keep in mind the movie delay and Abrams directing information has not been officially confirmed.

At this point the main question is will the movie be released during Holiday 2012 or summer 2013 season. My bet is summer 2013 even though I think there is a significant window of opportunity to make money during the Holidays. For reasons I don't really understand, the studios believe summer is the only time big bucks can be made on movies but James Cameron has proven twice that is an incorrect assumption. Two of the most successful movies ever, Titanic and Avatar, both were Holiday releases. Not saying Star Trek 12 will make that kind of bucks, just saying that there is proven box office wealth with the holidays aside from being the dumping grounds for Oscar-bait.

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