Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Star Trek 2 Teaser Trailer? Nope

AICN has posted what seems to be the teaser trailer for Star Trek 2 but is fan made. Eisenhower's Farewell Address plays over images of biological science that ends with Benedict Cumberbatch in status. It is clearly designed to invoke Eugenics research that gives rise to the superhuman Khan Noonien Singh. It has a very JJ Abrams feel to it. The images of Chris Pine as Kirk and Cumberbatch are lifted from elsewhere. Besides, Simon Pegg was pretty adamant that Cumberbatch is not playing Khan. At this point I am leaning to the theory he is playing a Klingon spy that infiltrates Starfleet and the Enterprise. Pretty slick over all, nice use of a speech about the military industrial complex takeover with poor fiscal planning for the future and turning it into a warning of Eugenics is an especially nice touch.

The recent image (left) of a Klingon during a MTV Movie Awards bit might have seemed like a good opportunity to release this fan trailer. The image has not been proven to be from the new movie as the costume and head gear identically match what guards were wearing in the cut scenes from the first movie. Nor does it disprove since the Klingons were thought out enough for the first movie to create their look and no reason to toss those designs if using them in the second film.

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