Friday, May 3, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Score List, Release Date

Michael Giacchino has revealed the track list for the Star Trek Into Darkness score that will be released on May 14th and already available for pre-order on Amazon. If you head to his official site, you can click each track title to listen to a short sample of each. Below is the track list which is pretty much spoiler free unless you have some how managed to avoid all trailers and TV spots.

1) Logos - Pranking The Natives (3:01)
2) Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
3) Sub Prime Directive (2:23)
4) London Calling (2:09)
5) Meld-merized (2:40)
6) The Kronos Wartet (5:25)
7) Brigadoom (3:41)
8) Ship To Ship (2:50)
9) Earthbound And Down (2:37)
10) Warp Core Values (2:56)
11) Buying The Space Farm (3:17)
12) The San Fran Hustle (5:00)
13) Kirk Enterprises (3:00)
14) Star Trek Main Theme (3:25)
Total time: 44:07

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