Sunday, May 5, 2013

Star Trek Writers Talk Star Trek Into Darkness

The promotional campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness continues as Paramount is likely to do everything they can to try to take the weekend box office from Iron Man 3 in Europe this coming weekend. Quite the challenge considering the movies $175M US opening, $680M total already. In this post its a look as the writers of Star Trek Into Darkness spoke with about the film along with an interview with Karl Urban. Links and highlights below. A final bit is a video as JJ Abrams compares starting work on Star Wars with Star Trek. No information of any real kind is said.

Damon Lindelof Interview
- Unless cloning technology exists, "it is going to be tough" for Abrams to direct ST3.
- Hopes to work on the next feel as "care too deeply for Trek to step away."
- A replacement director would need a "passion for Trek" and a "vision for what comes next."

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Interviews
- Paramount wants the next film in time for the franchise's 50th anniversary in 2016
- Love the Enterprise rising from the ocean which was Kurtzman's idea.
- Part of the plot where Pike confronts Kirk about not being ready for the captain's chair was inspired by fan response to Kirks cadet to captain in 5 minutes from first movie.

Karl Urban Interview
- Happy McCoy was able to do a little doctoring along with the science side of him with a Tribble.
- Often a scene would be a combination of the script, ad-libbed lines from Abrams and alternate deliveries by the actors.
- In next film wouldn't mind seeing McCoy go on a mission and see the "solidfication of the triumvirate" (hear hear to that) with more of the three way debate and "more of the friendship between Bones and Kirk."

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  1. Another classic. A good follow through of the Star Trek genre. Awesome 3D sequence and solid performance from Cumberbatch. I have seen his acting skills in Sherlock series. And he has done fabulous acting.