Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Out, Remains A Do Not Buy

Just a reminder that Star Trek Into Darkness is out today for Blu-ray and DVD. Normally I would list places to get it at the best prices, with gentle encourage to buy from Amazon so I score some store credit. But not this time as I do not want to encourage anyone to buy the movie even to my own detriment. It remains a do not buy because of the marketing games that Paramount is playing with it.

Games that include making key extra features as store exclusives like director's commentary. The kind of throwaway stuff that normally are exclusives is what comes with the movie (literally, as most of it was released online to promote the movie in early summer. The best extra features are now the exclusives. In other words they reversed the process to try and boost marketing dollars from the various retailers. As io9 put it, "it’s mercenary and shits on the fans, the people who are most interested in the extras. If STiD sells, there’s nothing stopping other companies from pulling the same shit with other major releases." Wait until its used, borrow a friends copy, or just watch other Star Trek films (say Wrath of Khan). Just do not buy Star Trek Into Darkness.

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  1. or we can just buy the cheaper dvd that normaly doesn't come with extras an forget about buying the blueray an pick two stores to buy at