Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Star Trek: The Compendium Announced But Do Not Buy

And the other shoe drops. The reasons behind Paramount releasing a crappy home video version of Star Trek Into Darkness (whose tactics forced me to recommend no one buy the movie) has become clear with the announcement of Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set. The 4-disc set covers both JJ Abrams Trek movies and add new content for the first Star Trek movie while combining all the retailer exclusive content for Star Trek Into Darkness. The box set will retail for $39.99 but likely be cheaper when released on September 9, 2014.

I actually love the ideas and extra's included in this set but sadly I have to again recommend that you do not buy it. The reason is simple - do not reward bad behavior. This set should have been released last year with Star Trek Into Darkness but Paramount waited a year to maximize sales at the expense of fans. If this is a commercial success the only lesson Paramount will learn is they should force as many double-dip situations as possible and it could lead to other studios following their example. Its one thing to sorta be forced into it because of format changes and major anniversaries where a genuine effort was made to create new content for a special release but this is none of that. It is clear the Paramount Home Video department made the decision to hold back and segregate content as "retailer exclusives" knowing this was coming later and not telling anyone. After all why risk hurting sales for those willing to wait for the better set? It should not be rewarded and that means you should not buy this or anything move copy related to Star Trek Into Darkness. Still if you can't help it, the full details on set's content can be found here.

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