Thursday, August 30, 2007

AICN Star Trek Plot Rumor

AICN has posted a rumor concerning Star Trek suggesting that the plot of the story is essentially a time traveling reboot of the Star Trek Universe. Star Trek XI's plot is about the meeting of the Enterprise crew for the very first time and their first adventure. An adventure that is a result of a Romulan attempt to kill James T Kirk before he became the legendary pain in the year for all foes of the Federation. The adult Spock is instrumental in stopping the plan.

However, despite the failed attempt, it doesn't cause an alternate time line to occur. One that is different from the history we know and love. One that would be like a blank slate for any future movies and TV shows one presumes. A way to still make money off the old 40 year history while generating revenue off this new "modern" alternate reality. Star Trek 2.0 or Ultimate Star Trek. As AICN suggests, this would allow for wholesale changes to anything and everything. Vulcans could be near extinct do to the destruction of their planet and really any other changes that floats people's boats and seems "edgy" enough.

Interesting idea and hopefully unfounded. With the Mirror Universe, Star Trek has already built and had episodes around multiple universe ideas. Why manufacture a reason to "create" a new one when in theory it already exists. Either just start exploring it to begin with or don't bother. I just want a good story. Leave the universe rebooting to another day.

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  1. Maybe the story is similar to First Contact where the Romulans just go back in time and try to kill Kirk similarly to how the Borg tried to assimilate Earth before it became such a powerful nemesis. Also, I've noticed with the last few ST movies that they are losely based on the books that William Shatner has written. I haven't read the last couple of his books, but I there is a possibility of a similar storyline in one of them that relates to the new movie.