Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Writer Roberto Orci Talks Star Trek

TrekMovie.com has posted an interview with co-writer and executive producer of Star Trek XI about his approach to the movie and his love of Star Trek.

The full interview is here and here.

Some highlights:
- 2nd draft of script recently completed with input from various forums sometimes used.
- An upcoming writer's strike (that may start November 1st) would not effect the film since shooting will have started.
- Casting for available roles is still not decided.
- The trinity of Spock/Kirk/Bones will be a part of the film.
- The "Federation Captain" in the film may not necessarily be Christopher Pike (Captain of the Enterprise before Kirk).
- Effort is still being made to add Shatner to the movie (considering what the film is about, if it holds to continuity, I don't see how its possible and shoehorning him in poorly would be a dis-service to everyone.)
- "Nimoy's Spock is very much in line with canon"
- Work hard to respect canon but things do take liberties with things not specifically specified (in general canon refers to only the aired television shows and movies, not books and other material).
- Design decisions are faithful to Star Trek including the Enterprise.
- TNG "continuity nuggets" are in the script for fans.
- Orci is a Star Trek fan, TNG is his favorite, owns all the phasers from the shows, and many toys.
- On TOS: "It was part the ideal of a Federation/Superpower doing what is best for all life. In the 60s that was an amazing thing. It couldn't have been more forward thinking." (good summary of the show)
- On DS9: "it was exploring the slightly darker side of Star Trek. It showed the cracks in the utopia" (personally DS9 is my favorite for that reason. I think it was the most creative of the shows and the most epic in feel when all said and done.)
- On Voyager: "it was a singular experience of being separated from utopia." (Nice way of putting it, the show to me simply boring most of the time and recycled ideas to much.)
- On Enterprise: "In a way we are very much partners with Enterprise in spirit because it is was a prequel and because it is attempting to explain the origins of Star Trek. You cannot deny that they were the first to try it. Execution aside we understand the appeal and the value of trying to show how we got to what Star Trek was." (Yeah execution was the problem. When the show finally got its act together in season 4, by hiring knowledgeable writers and producers who where fans and enjoyed the property rather then people just doing their job, it improved dramatically but the damage was already done from the previous 3 seasons.)
- Has read the Star Trek books with favorites being Prime Directive and Spock's World. (Prime was great, so is Federation and First Enterprise; some books should be canon especially those written by Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens).
- Used bits from Prime Directive as sides to actors for casting.
- For the movie, trying to get to the soul of Star Trek, a part of which is the relationships and how people face the impossible.

Got to say sometimes I want to hate Orci cause he gets to play in the sandbox I have enjoyed from a distance for most of my life with Star Trek and Transformers (among other things). It helps that he is a fan because then its a project of passion rather then just a paycheck. That will help the end result be something more.

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