Friday, November 2, 2007

Star Trek Theme A Keeper

Michael Giacchino, the composer for Star Trek XI, has said that at least the opening theme music from the orginial series, by Alexander Courage, will be kept. Giacchino previousily worked with JJ Abrams on Alias and Lost.

"I think that the thing to do would be to hold on to the only thing that does speak—that says Star Trek—universally, which is the [opening theme from the original series]," Giacchino said in an interview while promoting the upcoming release of Ratatouille on DVD, for which he also composed the music.

Giacchino also revealed a few details about the top-secret film's plot and how the theme music fits in. "To me, that fanfare, boom, that says it all right there," he said. "And this film is about everything that came before that. So, yes, I want to keep that. But everything that was done after that, it shouldn't be about that. It needs to be about these characters now and how they met and all of these things. So it's a very kind of specific place and time."
Not sure what this means for the equally iconic themes from Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner used in the movies and The Next Generation tv series.

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