Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Story Point Rumor

AICN is reporting another story rumor involving Kirk and the rumored Kobayashi Maru story point in the upcoming film. As reported yesterday, it appears that alot of the leaked information of late surrounds involves a trial of sorts for Kirk when he is accused of cheating at the Kobayashi Maru Starfleet Academy test.

A little back story reminder. The "no-win" scenario Maru test was first introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as a way to re-introduce the audience to fav characters and a few news ones. Also since Spock's death in that film had been leaked to newspapers, it made for a nifty way to "kill" him in the beginning of the movie as part of the test to throw the audience off. The test itself is no-win because the cadet or "Captain" in the virtual sim is forced to make a realistic captain choice - save his ship or save a civilian transport, the "Kobayashi Maru", but not able to do both. The test has the damaged transport sending an SOS on the other side of the Klingon Neutral Zone. If the cadet responds, crossing the zone, he risks destruction at the hands of the Klingons. Ignore it, and the civilians will surely die by the Klingons. Its actually a pretty ingenious testing concept to see where a potential future captain's priorities and responses may lie.

Anyway, Kirk beats the no-win scenario by simply re-programming it so the Klingons are more cooperative. Kirk gets let off for creative thinking and it helps him climb the executive ladder to Captain (of the Enterprise) much faster.

So back to the leaked story point is how did he re-program the scenario? The leak suggests he simply uses his charm to get one of his girlfriends to do it for him. (I wonder if that's Jennifer Morrison's character).

This could be all false but it smells right to me. The idea fits the character. For one, he has no computer prowess so hard to see him hacking away at a computer program. Its a more compelling story idea (always important for a movie). Getting woman to do things for him was a bit of a hallmark for the series. Besides, he was a macro kind of guy, he would come up with the idea, "I need more power!!" or "we need to get humpbacks!" and let others (Spock, Scotty, etc) work out the details on how to do it. So I could see him going "this no-win needs to be programmed with a win!"...and then asking a girlfriend to do it.

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