Friday, December 21, 2007

Orci: Shatner Cameo Possible

The saga of William Shatner's Will He or Won't He Appear in Star Trek 11 continues as movie co-writer Roberto Orci commented to Slashfilm on the issue:

“Still, it could happen,” Orci admitted after explaining to SciFi that the problem is two fold: “One, from our point of view, we are still hoping to find a way. Secondly, one of the difficulties that was brought up and discussed with Shatner when we all met him and pitched him ideas is that Trek fans are sticklers for their canon. [And,] unfortunately, Shatner’s Captain Kirk was killed in Star Trek VII [1994’s Generations].”

This pretty much sums up what I have been saying about the issue the entire time. With the writer's strike going on while the film is currently in production either the details have been ironed out and kept secret or its not happening as they can't really write the scene now even if a solution and deal is worked out.

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