Sunday, January 6, 2008

Orci Responds to AICN Script Review

Roberto Orci, one of the writers of Star Trek XI, commented on the recent AICN script review. Suffice it to say he wasn't pleased with the harsh review that it received.

In regards to the overall review:
Yeah. AICN for some reason has never liked us. The best example was one of their review for Transformers. I forgot which one of those wannabes wrote it, but it basically said how much they loved the humor, the characters, the sequences, and the structure of the movie, but they hated the script. Classic.

If this movie works, these same folks will say that JJ “saved” a crappy script with his directing, just like Shia “saved’ our dialogue by “making” it funny.

Whoever wrote that piece HAS NOT read the script, and I would trust Nimoy to tell us if we know anything about the Trek universe over just about anybody else.
The Area 51 reference:
Let’s see. Area 51 is a place where we supposedly keep aliens and spacecraft A SECRET. In Star Trek, earth KNOWS there are spaceships and aliens. You might’ve even heard of one of them. His name is Mr. SPOCK. You do the math.
"In Nimoy We Trust" may not be the best policy if trying to verify Star Trek canon. If want to know about Spock, sure. If want to know about all other things Star Trek, not so much. Hopefully Orci and Kurtzman knew about Memory-Alpha and used it to fact check portions of their script.

As for "do the math", I have no idea what he means. All I know is that in Star Trek canon, usually the starships are built and\or repaired either in spacedock or the Utopia Plantia Shipyards. The Enterprise, at the time this movie is set, would have been in service at least 10 years, where the first five of those years would have been under the command of Captain Robert April then Captain Christopher Pike (with Spock as Science Officer). So no idea what the Area 51 stuff is about but apparently its in the movie in some form or fashion (maybe as just a passing joke). Time will tell. And yeah, I through the info off the top of my head then verified with Memory Alpha just as a measure of my level of Trek geekiness.

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  1. As for the 'Area 51' issue - seems like Orci is using the comment the AICN guy made about it (below, in his review of the script) to prove that the guy DIDN'T read the script, because he's saying there IS no reference to Area 51 in the movie. That's my take.