Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roberto Orci Chat Session Transcript

Roberto Orci continued the chat sesson from last Friday with, providing little more information about the upcoming movie. The previous chat session info can be found here.

The complete transcript with Orci is here.

- Apparently in house the film is referred to as Star Trek Zero or more simply as Star Trek.
- Its hinted at, but not confirmed, that this movie may actually replace the Orginial Series canon. The replacement idea is from a fan and Orci basically ignores the comment so not sure what, if anything, to make of it. For now, I will assume the movie continues to suppliment or enhance continuity, not replace, until given a reason not to.
- Filming on the Enterprise bridge is complete, the set will be stored for potential future use.
- The shooting scrip was 128 pages long, spent about 4 months getting it done. In general a page of script equals a page of screen time but that number can still vary widely. I have noticed that Abrams'movies tend on the short side so I wouldn't surprise me if the final edit clocks in around 1:40 in length.
- Nero and Kirk where most difficult to write. Kirk because can "fall into trap of making him 2 dimensional because you think you know him so well....rather then treating him as a true character who has free will..."
- TOS Balance of Terror, Star Trek movies 2,3,4 and 6 and the some of the Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens novels as was James Horner scores. I couldn't agree more, their novels are some of the best you can find for Star Trek and I highly recommend you check them out. Pick any one of theirs, can't go wrong. Same for James Horner, my personal favorites being Searching for Bobby Fisher and Glory soundtracks.
- Orci would love to see another Star Trek TV series but there are currently no plans.
- Orci hinted that academic consultants where used for the film but wouldn't go into detail accept saying a "more fun answer is coming soon." Now, if I remember right, The Stevens, in the novel "Federation", postulated how warp travel works. Graphically its the relation between normal space time travel and warp travel that when combines becomes the famed Star Trek logo. Its an elegant explanation that I would love to see used in a movie.

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