Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yelchin Talks Star Trek

MTV discussed Star Trek with Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov) where he indicates that JJ Abrams "is walking a fine line between reverence and reinvention." Spoilers within.

Video of the interview is here and article here.

- Did meet Walter Koenig (original Pavel) and discussed the role when he was on set. Described Walter as "gracious" and enthusiastic about the film.
- Did say that Spock is the only character that meets his younger counterpart, confirming that the original series cast does not appear in the movie.
- Indicated that most of the cast didn't have much familiarity with Star Trek but did do research to get familiar with the show.
- "Everything about it is epic" when describing working on the film and said even for non Star Trek fans "It’s a pretty cool action movie regardless of what you think of ‘Star Trek’"
- Chris Pine isn't tapping his inner Shatner, "everyone is being respectful, but at the same time doing their own thing' but "That's a trademark Chekov thing, the V's [being pronounced as W's], so there's a lot of that in the film." He added that he does not say "nuclear wessels" in the movie.
- Tyler Perry is "an official in the Federation" but didn't specify what role. I speculate its either head of Starfleet Academy or President of the Federation.
- Said that "there are special [in-joke] perks if you've been a Star Trek fan for 40 years".
- His favorite scene: "The end, when you see us all together," he said of a pivotal moment that unites Chekov, Spock, Kirk (Chris Pine), McCoy (Karl Urban) and the rest of the iconic "Trek" crew members. "I can't explain how you get to see us all together, but it's pretty epic. ... You're on the Enterprise, and you just know it feels so epic. We shot the last scene in the film, and you see everyone in the gold, and the blue, and the red."

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