Friday, May 30, 2008

Star Trek Cast of Ships? has posted a description of the various ships that will appear in the upcoming movie. Consider the below potential spoilers so stop reading if do not want to know more.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701- Primary ship, 4 weeks out of 20 was on the bridge set.
- Will see ship under command of Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) and James Kirk (Chris Pine)
- Also will see sickbay, crew quarters, corridors, engineering and of course the transporter room.
- The interior will be different from the original series but probably maintain a similar theme.

USS Kelvin
- Older generation ship, "new" ship class to Star Trek fans, smaller then the Enterprise.
- Commanded by Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) with 1st Officer George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), father of James Kirk.
- Set builds included the bridge, corridors, sickbay and engineering.

Romulan Ship, unknown name
- Ship of the movies villain Nero (Eric Bana) that is used to travel in time to eliminate Kirk and change Star Trek history. Not sure if time travel capability is built in or some other method used for the plot device.
- Ship design, described as "surreal" is different then the current Romulan design seen in the recent movies and Next Generation series.

Time Ship, unknown name
- Ship commanded by Spock, built to travel in time, used to try and thwart Nero.
- Only large enough to hold one person.
- Will see the bridge and "time core" of the ship in the film.
- This confirms that the Guardian of the Forever will not appear in the film. (Because not ever part of the script or because of Ellison's threats of suing?)

Other ships seem will be a Medical shuttle of older design, Transport shuttle, and Kobayashi Maru bridge ship (USS Kelvin bridge set redressed).

Probably even more ships will be designed for use in space scenes and the like to fill out the background scenary making this one of the large ship "casts" for the Star Trek franchise.

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