Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paramount Already Thinking Sequel

From comes news that Paramount Pictures is apparently already considering the possibilities of a sequel despite the movie not coming out for 11 months they have already approached the group about doing a sequel.
Alright, since I saw the queen I can give you a spoiler about the Studio’s state of mind (not about the movie itself). The spoiler is that they already want to lock us down to write the sequel. Take that as you will.
Later he said:
Unless the studio had a horrible experience with us, they would be trying to lock us down as standard operating procedure. They haven’t even seen the movie yet, so this news should not be taken as evidence that we are anything special. It’s a quite normal practice.
The studio wants to bring back "The Supreme Court" (Orci's words) of Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Bryant Burk and JJ Abrams. The cast is already signed on for two sequels but that is pretty much automatic for potential franchises nowadays.

However, TrekMovie says Paramount is very enthusiastic about the film and turnarounds on sequels are faster then they have ever been with Transformers II in production now with a summer release next year, Iron Man 2 is also in the works, The Hobbit movies are locked for a sequel/prequel. Work has not begun on the sequel script and no in a hurry since a sequel decision will probably not be finalized until at least after the box office numbers come in next year.

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