Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Star Trek Scene Descriptions

AICN is reporting the description of two scenes a source has seen from Abrams' Star Trek movie. SPOILERS within.

One scene involves Christopher Pike's (Bruce Greenwood) Enterprise escorting a convoy of freighters as its crewed by cadets.
- The ships all look "real" like they used models rather then pure CGI to create them.
- The bridge of the Enterprise is slightly different with a larger view screen and closer to the Captain's chair and consoles.
- The warp view on the view screen is more TOS or The Motion Picture era with a slight shake and white streams of light with a light rainbow hue rather then the smooth look and ride of the TNG era.
- The scene involves the Enterprise and the convoy being ripped out of warp near the destroyed Yorktown.

The second scene is a battle sequence between the Enterprise (still Pike, no Kirk) against a villain (Nero probably) that I assume destroyed the Yorktown.
- Pike and villain exchange barbs as they fight.
- The inside of a Vulcan like ship, called Sunfire, with orange colored look is shown.
- The Motion Picture era bright red and large torpedoes are fired at the villain and show a huge explosion despite missing the Sunfire.
- Torpedo explosions are large, multi-part and last about three seconds. The Enterprise phaser strikes are TNG like with thick long yellow-orange look.
- Sunfire also fires of torpedoes, some of which hit the Enterprise.
- Hits against the shields results in "flashing bright white electrical-like...when a bulb blows. Very quick or you'll miss it."
- Scene ends with the bridge shake and cadets getting thrown about the bridge (which contains few chairs).

Update: According to, sources are telling the site that the described footage is not in the movie.

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