Sunday, October 19, 2008

Star Trek Prequel Comic Mini-Series Plans is reporting some of the details for IDW's Star Trek Prequel comic mini-series.

The series title will be "Star Trek: Countdown" with the first issue coming out in January 2009. It will be written by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones based on a story from JJ Abrams and Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Artwork is by David Messina whose current work is the Star Trek: Mirror Images series that is currently out. The plan is for the four part mini-series to come out through April and then combined into a trade paperback in time for the movie's premiere.

The story of ST: Countdown will provide the origin of Nero who will be the main Romulan protagonist in the movie and will provide insight on why the film is not quite the "prequel" everyone thinks it is. The comic will be set in the post Star Trek Nemesis era before Nero takes his time travel jaunt. According to Roberto Orci, "is about how you connect the Next Generation era to our continuity, inspired by when we last saw Mr. Spock in "Unification"."

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