Thursday, January 15, 2009

Various Star Trek Tidbits

In various interviews with the media, Star Trek stars spoke a little bit here and there about the upcoming Star Trek movie. As usual, they where careful not to reveal anything major.

Chris Pine spoke with E! Online about sex scenes in the movie, "It is a different Star Trek, but there's no crazy sex scene. There may be some bare midriffs, but you know it's been a long time since the bikini was invented, so I don't think we're going to ruffle any feathers."

Pine also spoke with the Associated Press, talking about the relationship between Kirk and Spock, "For Kirk and Spock, it's charting their lives to a small extent from boyhood and their first encounter, which is a bit contentious, to kind of the beginning of the relationship we all know."

Last, Director JJ Abrams spoke with Sci-Fi Wire and talked about the ships, Shatner and honoring Trek past:
They're big ships, so I'd say that there is a little bit of that, but there's a little bit more flash and fun and action than you've seen before . There are some pretty spectacular visual effects. ILM outdid themselves. It's amazing.

I would say that the fans of Star Trek will be very happy with the movie. It honors what's come before, but I didn't really make the movie just for the people who are already inside, because I like Star Trek but I was never a massive fan. So I think the movie's going to not satisfy everyone, of course. It can't. But it'll satisfy most of both.

I think what Mr. Shatner was responding to was a misunderstanding. I was quoted as saying we tried to get him in the movie. What I meant was we were trying internally to find a way to take a dead character and resurrect him without it seeming lame. We couldn't figure out a way to do it. I think that when I said we tried to get him into the movie, he read it as if we were trying to call him. I would not have wasted his time with a bad idea.

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