Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nimoy On Returning to Trek

In the current issue of SciFi Now Magazines, Leonard Nimoy talks Star Trek and returning to a role he left behind 17 years ago when he last played it in Unification for Star Trek The Next Generation. The below is an excerpts posted by TrekMovie.com.
My approach to the character has changed, because Spock has evolved in the sense that a lot of personal experiences have affected him. On the other hand, you’ve got Zachary Quinto coming into this movie, who is even slightly before the Spock I played in the original series. You’re seeing him even before the place I was playing the character on the original series, and you’re seeing me giving a performance that’s totally after all of that. This movie contains a very broad spectrum of the Spock. I had a wonderful time making this movie. It was very close to myself, I felt totally comfortable, very much like I’m doing in my own life now. Having arrived where I am as a person and the place that Spock has arrived I felt very, very comfortable with it.

It’s a lot of fun. They’re very talented people and it’s fascinating to watch the roots of the characters that Bill Shatner and DeForest Kelley and myself and the rest of us played. When we started doing the show, we were a crew on the Enterprise going out and doing our missions. In this movie, we see the seeds of those characters being planted; where they came from before the Enterprise, where they came from before they met each other, how they met each other, and what the circumstances were and how they became that crew that we eventually played. It was great fun to watch.

Never say never, but I would think so. The torch has been handed off to a wonderful new cast and a new actor playing Spock. Would I consider being the alter ego again and coming back in some form to play a scene with Zachary Quinto to exchange ideas with him? Might be interesting, but it’s not up to me. If I got that call, I would certainly listen.

That was so weird, standing there and talking to him. We have a scene together that’s a mind twister. We’re both the same person, each coming from a different time frame. It’s pretty remarkable to stand there and talk to him and listen to him and interact with him. And by the way, he happens to be a terrific, talented, intelligent actor. It was wonderful. I admire him. I think he’s got a very interesting task and did a wonderful job of it. I think he’s special and I think very highly of him. Not just him, but I have a personal connection because of the role he’s playing.

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