Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Star Trek Paris Conference Report

The world wide tour to promote Star Trek continues for JJ Abrams and cast. This time the stop is Paris, France. (sheesh how do they get around) provides the write-up, which you can find here. A few highlights are below.
Question: What was your approach in bringing a series from the sixties to the screen today?
J.J. Abrams: The question we asked ourselves was ’is the sixties vision of the future still relevant today?’ We asked that question for the sets, the uniforms, the communicators that look like today’s iPhones… So we didn’t want to change everything but we took a series of small decisions everyday on every aspect of the production. But technology is not the main point and, like Gene Roddenberry, we paid attention to the characters who are the most important part of Star Trek.

What do you think about your ship in Star Trek?
Eric Bana: Compared to the Enterprise, Narada is a tougher-looking ship. Her bowels are visible. You have cables everywhere. She has a very audacious design. She’s like a living animal. Let’s say they have the Mercedes, I have the Lamborghini!

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