Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Trek #1 US Grossing Film of the Year

With a Wednesday take of $1.8 million, Star Trek has officially surpassed Monsters vs. Aliens as the highest domestic (US only) grossing film of 2009 bringing its total to $194.8 million. Once you include its foreign gross, the movie is number 4 movie for worldwide gross with a total of $286.8M. How long this will last is unknown but more than likely Transformers 2 and Harry Potter 6 will be fighting for the top spot before the summer is out.

Top Five Domestic for 2009
5) Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $146.3M
4) Fast and furious - $153.7M
3) X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $166.3M
2) Monsters vs. Aliens - $194.0M
1) Star Trek - $194.8

Top Five Worldwide for 2009
5) Taken - $221.0M
4) Star Trek - $286.8M
3) X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $311.4M
2) Fast and Furious - $336.0M
1) Monsters vs. Aliens - $346.0M


  1. Thanks for posting the results so far. As a fan I've been very interested in how it does because I'm really hoping for another one. This was a great movie!

  2. Thanks for posting this. It's interesting data indeed. With the international popularity of Star Trek (and that fact that it was such a fun movie) I'm guessing it'll continue to roll in a steady profit even if it slips in overall standings.

  3. It's good to see a Star Trek movie do well - the last couple of movies were not successful - hopefully the new cast and the wider audience will mean we'll see a lot more movies in the future!