Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Star Trek Countdown Prequel Summary

The new movie is out in just two days so here is a summary of Star Trek Countdown from Wikipedia. The four issue mini-series prequel that helps bridge the gap between the 40 year old Star Trek (or Prime universe) and the new Star Trek (or 2.0 universe) that the new movie is kick starting. More specifically it explains Nero's motivations, how he gets the technology to exact his revenge and Spock Prime's part in the events.

The comic is set eight years after the film Star Trek Nemesis. Federation and Romulan tensions have generally subsided, with Spock the official Federation ambassador to the Romulans. Data is still alive and has become captain of the Enterprise-E after successfully imprinting his memories onto the prototype android B-4. Jean-Luc Picard is now Federation ambassador to Vulcan, Geordi La Forge has retired to develop his own ships, and Worf is a General in the Klingon Empire.

Hobus Star supernova threatens RomulusThe galaxy is threatened by the Hobus star, which will become a supernova. Spock proposes that the Romulans transport the precious mineral Decalithium to Vulcan, where it can be converted into red matter capable of turning the star into a black hole, therefore ending its threat. The senate opposes Spock, but he finds a comrade in Nero, the leader of the miners.

Nero vows revenge against Vulcan if Romulus isn't savedNero witnessed Hobus consume a planet first-hand and offers to secretly transport Decalithium, noting it would be better than doing nothing and then leaving his wife and unborn son to die. Nero's ship, the Narada, is attacked by the Remans, but the Enterprise rescues them and escorts them to Vulcan with Decalithium taken from the Reman ships. On Vulcan, the council opposes Romulan use of red matter, infuriating Nero; he vows if Romulus is destroyed, he shall hold them and Spock accountable.

Romulus is destroyed before an evacuation could beginNero returns to Romulus to discover Hobus has gone supernova and destroyed his home world. Driven mad by his loss, he attacks Federation Olympic class hospital ships that have arrived to give aid, believing they have come to claim his people's territory.

Nero, on quest for revenge, holds the Debrune Teral'nHe beams aboard surviving senators onto his ship and kills them for not listening to Spock, and then claims the Praetor's ancient trident, the Debrune Teral'n, which is the greatest symbol of Romulus.

Narada's new abilities when retrofitted with Borg technologyHe and his crew then shave their heads and apply tattoos to signify their loss. Nero goes to the Vault, a secretive Romulan base, and has the Narada outfitted with Borg technology to begin a rampage against his enemies.

With the supernova expanding, Spock decides to deposit the red matter weapon. He takes the Jellyfish, a ship developed by La Forge that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Nero's Narada and Spock's Jellyfish are sucked into the vortex, ending the supernova threat but unleashing Nero on a new universeThe Narada goes about destroying and assimilating Federation, Klingon and Cardassian ships alike, wounding Worf and damaging the Enterprise in the process.

When Spock successfully destroys the supernova, the Narada appears to attack when the black hole flings it and the Jellyfish back in time (and an alternate universe), leaving Picard and the crew of the Enterprise as witnesses to Spock's sacrifice.


  1. Going to see Star Trek at 21.00 here in Holland

    That's just 7 hours away can't wait..!

  2. Great summary! One minor quibble, Nero and Spock are thrown back in time, but presumably it doesn't become an alternate universe until Nero changes history and creates a new timeline.

  3. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex is showing Star Trek in IMAX starting May 7! It's all the buzz in Central Florida. Pretty cool place to see Star Trek. You have to get tickets in advance on their website -

  4. I'm in w/ Laura. For some unbeknown reason they're have three showing tonight, May 7, at one theater here in Lafayette, IN. I'm a member of the frequent movie goers club, even though I don't go frequently, and I got the email Tuesday and went out and bought the ticket for the first showing. By yesterday afternoon all three showings were sold out.

  5. nice info, Pretty cool place to see Star Trek