Monday, June 22, 2009

Trek Wrtiers Talk Sequel Villain Ideas recently spoke with Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman about ideas they were tossing around for the sequel to the movie and sequel ideas under consideration.

Highlights from the video below include:
- glad that Trek was able to hold up against Angels and Demons in domestic sales and overall review scores
- trying to tune out the noise while considering sequel ideas but does read fans posts online
- wouldn't mind shooting for a script by Christmas but factors depend on time they need and who might end up directing the project since Abrams hasn't made a decision.
- will try for a self contained movie, but not opposed to dropping threads that could lead to a sequel (a la Spock's katra leading to Search for Spock).


  1. I thought Abrams did such a great job that the idea of someone else 'taking the wheel' makes me nervous. I hope he gets on board.

    Regardless, looking forward to the next one and hope it lives up to this one.

  2. cpolston1@verizon.net7/16/2010 11:19 AM

    I would like to see a final Next Generation movie to finish the series. Some cool ideas to include - Picard will have to be killed after his final borg transformation - Will Riker will have to take the Titan up against the Enterprise and be the one to ultimately kill Picard as an act of mercy - A new bio-borg will threaten the Federation with its ability to look completely like the species it is assimilating - B-4 will learn about the need for sacrifice and in order to save the Federation, will delete his personal programming and activate the "Data" program that he was given in the last movie, giving new birth to Data - Starfleet Academy will launch a new star ship to train recruits. The new ship will be like an aircraft carrier, able to house multiple attack craft and pilots, but also foster exploration and peace - this will draw a new younger audience into the story and create some future possibilities. Perhaps the ship can be called the USS Picard - as the movie ends Riker will talk with Guinen about his feelings of guilt for killing Picard. Guinen will comfort him and assure Riker that Picard is at peace. A final shot might be of Picard back in the Nexus with the family he always wanted. Guinen said before that once in, a part of you always remains there. With the Titan destroyed, Riker will be given command of the Enterprise and that's a cool way to end the series. Just some thoughts that could be a really great movie.