Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Box Office Estimates

The weekend estimates are in and to no surprise Pixar's Up took the top spot with $68.2 million to become the 10th consecutive hit for the studio. Second place to Night at the Museum 2 ($25.5M, down 53%), third to Drag Me to Hell ($16.6M), fourth to Terminator Salvation ($16.1M, down 62%, probably no sequel in the works), and Star Trek was fifth with $12.8M (down 44%) bringing its 24 days domestic total to$209.5M.

This total allows Star Trek to easily enter the top 100 All Time Domestic Box Office list (not account for inflation) at the 81 spot, just behind Back to the Future. At the current rate of drop per weekend (about 45%), it appears that Star Trek will probably top out around $225M, so around 65th place with Wall-E ($223.8M). The foreign take will hopefully be in tomorrow.

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